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Roof Replacement & Installation in Greenwood, IN

Godwin Home Services consistently delivers high quality roofing installations and replacement for each and every customer.


We can confidently make this claim, because we utilize the same team for every roof installation.


The key personnel and core of this crew have provided quality craftsmanship to our customers since 1996. They are exceptionally well trained and take great pride in their work.


You won't regret having a new roof installed by our team.


Many upgrades are included as standard with our written estimate. These include the  following:


  • Ice and Watershield in all valleys, around skylights and chimneys as well as plumbing stacks. 

  • Special starter shingles and high grade coping (the roof cap), which increases the wind warranty to 130mph. 

  • Ventilation assessment and recommendation.

  • Wall flashing. 

  • Consult directly with an owner and not a commissioned salesperson.

  • 5 Year Craftsmanship Guarantee. 

Turn To Us When You Need a New Roof


You made a large investment when you purchased your home, and it needs constant maintenance. If you realize your roof needs frequent repairs, leaks on a regular basis and is at least 15 years old, it could be time for a roof replacement. Godwin Home Services offers roof replacement services that will take care of your old, damaged and outdated roof.

Our team can also install ice and water shields in roof valleys. We'll install this protective barrier around your skylights, chimneys and plumbing stacks, too. On top of your roof replacement, we'll provide you with a ventilation assessment and recommendation.

We can apply shingles to any size home in Greenwood, IN and the Indianapolis area efficiently. We even offer enhanced manufacturer warranties for wind resistance. Contact us today to learn more about our roof replacement services.



We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality. Our team has been working together for many years, which means we know exactly how to install a sturdy roof in a timely manner. You should choose us when you need a roof installation because:

  • We've been perfecting our high-quality craftsmanship since 1996

  • We can install special starter shingles or high-grade coping shingles

  • You'll be consulting with our owner, not a commissioned salesperson, directly

  • We offer a five-year craftsmanship guarantee with all installations

Expect superior services and extended warranties when you choose us. Call 317-339-1476 today to schedule a new roof installation or roof replacement.

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